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“Music is the melodious string that connects to my soul ” …..  says Sri Ramanuj Dasgupta, an eminent singer & composer & a well known name in the music world. Audiences & reviewers describe his performance as “melodious & mesmerizing”. His immense love for music motivated him to take systematic training in music at a very early age. His versatility ranges from Classical , Bhajan , Ghazal, extends to Bengal's own culture, like Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti, Shyam Sangeet to Adhunik songs as well, with the same flawless expertise. At various point of time , he has taken lessons from different famous & senior teachers  like Sri Manindra Chakroborty famous lyricist Sri Gopal Dasgupta, great and renowned Music Director Sri Sudhin Dasgupta and Classical maestro Pandit Amiya Ranjan Banerjee  .He firmly believes learning is a never ending process..

The year 1972 saw him as a debutant singer with his first record of TAGORE songs , with the most renowned music company HMV. Since then there was no looking back... 1973 onwards there has been innumerable well appreciated albums & discs, be it Nazrul songs, classical based (ragpradhan), modern songs all had a refined touch & critical acclaim. He then joined Kolkata Doordarshan as a music director. This took him to another level of esteem & recognition. Along with all this he was already an esteemed singer in All India Radio ( AIR )

Among all his accomplishments one that makes a special place in his heart is when he was offered to render his melodious voice for sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar. The occasion 300 years of  ‘City kolkatta’. He still remembers fondly Ravi Shankar ji’s  heartfelt blessing after he sang for him.   



Then came the time & chance where he was introduced to the legendary music composer Sri R.D.Burman. Under his direction he sang for films like, Jhankar, Apon amar apon,  which went on to become quite popular of that time. At the same time also he sang under other reputed music directors like Swapan Chakraborty, Sreedhar Pharhke, Raghunath Seth to name few. 
While in Mumbai he had the honour & pleasure of working  and directing esteemed singers like Md. Rafi saab, Anup Jalota,Anuradha paudwal, Suresh Wadkar , Kavita krishnamurthy, and the renowned pandit jasraj ji. Back home proficient singers Smt. Runa Laila, Haimanti Shukla ,Smt. Sandhya Mukherjee all hummed to his melodious tunes & direction.

Ramanuj has toured many countries and garnered overwhelming love & respect? The Mayor of New Jersey showered him with a special recognition which earned him " The CITATION " in the year 2000. 
In the year 2013  he was awarded the 'Pride of Region' by Vivekananda Sports Academy of Delhi
   In the year 2015   with 'Nazrul Award' the esteemed Nazrul Academy ,Churulia (birth place of Kazi Nazrul Islam).
In the same year he achieved another award from " UTAL HAOYA" a dignified musical organisation of Kolkata, on the month of September.

Albums of Nazrulgiti, Ragprodhan modern songs &Hindi Bhajans rendered in his voice were produced and released by Music India , Super cassettes , HMV Music India,  B.S.P., Cozmic Harmony and R.P. Techvision.  

He always remains grateful & indebted to his audience & admirers for there appreciation, encouragement and best wishes. His only prayer to the almighty is that he carry on with his Musical Journey and connects with his admirers successfully from time to time & forever.

As A Music Composer

A very passionate Ramanuj Dasgupta started composing at a very early age.  The first song he composed was at the age of 15.  This desire became stronger when he had on opportunity to assist legendary composer and lyricist Sri Gopal Dasgupta  and also the renowned composer Sri Sudhin Dasgupta. The styles of these two composers was quite different from each other.  Gopal Dasgupta generally followed traditional  music in its pure form whereas Sudhin Dasgupta’s music was more of a fusion of contemporary and traditional styles. This varied styles helped him a lot during his learning years. 
 Ramanuj started as an independent  composer for kolkata Doordarshan. Certainly a fine composer,  quite evident  as well known artists bestowed their voice to his composition .

Ramanuj made his way to Mumbai whereon he joined the reputed Indian Films Division as music director, where he composed for more than 600 documentary films.


While in Mumbai he had the honour & pleasure of working and directing  with renowned singers like Md. Rafi saab, Anup Jalota,Anuradha paudwal, Suresh Wadkar. Back home proficient singers Smt. Runa Laila, Haimanti Shukla ,Smt. Sandhya Mukherjee all hummed to his melodious tunes.


In the year 2002 Ramanuj  composed for a well known play of Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Bhanusingher Podaboli” which was made into a stage cum film show “Robi O Radha”. Here he was able to compose some of tagore’s lyrics those were left without a tune by the poet. Pandit Jasraj ji ,Smt Kavita Krishnamurti were among the many well known singers who sang for him for this prestigious project.


In the year 2003 he was given the opportunity to compose the theme music for the Asian Car Rally which is another feather in his cap.


Changing with the times,  he keeps himself busy to create different types of Indian and Western composition with the help of computer Softwares. Thus creating the same effect without using any acoustic instruments. For all his admirers and Music lovers, some of his compositions is there up on the Internet.


To sum up, his compositions are unique and original to its very core devoid of any influence of other tunes. He draws inspiration from the almighty above, from the gliding stream of enthusiasm, from the vast sea of knowledge and from the vibrant hues of nature

Ramanuj Dasguptaata



































Music Meditation

Don’t you feel life hard & heavy at times, so do all of us, that’s when I’m reminded of that if we  have this difficulty we should find the solution to it to. The boon to all this is MUSIC MEDITATION. It has been my treasured experience that has helped me transform & reinvent my life anew. Since I was blessed with the understanding of music meditation it would be my wish to share with all of you out there who are troubled & are searching for solace. Common people perceive various layers of meaning in the word “meditation”. Some believe that it is exclusively practiced by sages & saints others feel that meditation is not possible with earthly attachments and many more view it as leisure for older people. This is not completely factual. While the life style of 21st century seems to take a huge toll on us, mentally we have become fiercer & competitive unknowingly, this makes us forget who we actually are & what we want? what are our values ? Leave alone the trouble that it causes on our health physically. This is where our age old practice of meditation helps us makes our life more serene & disciplined. The history of Indian Classical Music reveals that the great saints discovered some mysterious and divine power in the sounds of music.

During my early years an incident inspired  me to think more about Classical Music and its connection with spiritualism. Since then I began researching in the possibility of using musical sounds for MEDITAION for which I  was convinced had immense healing power than we could imagine. I studied & researched the subject for 15 years & learned many a new ways to perform. My techniques are mostly based on ancient Indian spiritualism of breathing, collaborated  with musical notes. It is an extremely easy course of action. It  helps to increase one’s confidence receptivity & enhances one’s creativity thereby helping to get rid of harmful habits & reduce negative stress and unnecessary tension.

It has not only helped adults & older people It has helped many of my child students positively & this gives me colossal bliss to be able to help out children. On request of some meditation lover I held a workshop. Apprehensive I was, did I not know how it will affect everyone, but to my delight people loved every minute & the improvement on mental & physical health was experienced positively in very less time. So come join me in this elating & soul searching experience that I have been filled with, so that I can share with you & try to make your hard life a little better.


GOD BLESS YOU................

As a Teacher

As a music teacher Ramanuj started his career when he was only 19 years old. When he was 23, he was selected as a music teacher of an institution which was affiliated by Rabindra Bharati University. At the same time he took his training from different veteran teachers. He does not teach his students like a routine work, instead he takes immense pleasure by sharing his knowledge with his disciples. He tries to understand their psychology, capability and drawbacks, corrects their mistakes and also gives them different suggestions so that they can improve  their singing capacity. Those who are suffering from different voice problems due to wrong techniques, he tries to solve their problems with different scientific techniques suitable for each one.



AIR and TV artist in Delhi, CCRT scholarship holder (Govt. of India), Winner in ZEE tv’s TVS saregama 1999 (children’s special), Empanelled artist in ICCR (Govt. of India), Has albums released in Modern songs, Stage performer.

My association with Shri Ramanuj Dasgupta (Sir) has been the most enriching experience of my life.From his style of singing, I had realized that there was so much to learn and adapt while we sing any song or any form of music. Sir taught me with utmost care and discipline and I can say that he gave a second life to my voice. He explained me the importance of breathing techniques, sur, bhaav, and alankars. He lays a lot of emphasis on the “feel”/bhaav of the song whereas earlier,I had always given more importance to the melody.Depending on the voice-type he trains a student. I also understood from him that “listening” plays a vital role in learning music. I started visiting him more and more and listened to a lot of his classes which automatically answered a lot of my doubts in singing. Apart from all this he always mentally encourages one, to sing better and better and inspires all of us with his knowledge in spiritualism and meditation. His teaching ranges from Nazrulgeeti, Bhajans to Thumri, Ghazals and Pure Classical.He is a brilliant composer and has a deep understanding in sound technology.All I can say is that there is a lot more awareness while I sing now and there is no strength like knowledge which has been beautifully imparted to me by Sir.

Thank you so much Sir!!!.



(Upcoming singer, performing in radio and television, in West Bengal and all over India, 2nd in Ghazal in All India Radio Music Competition, 1st in Bangla Gaan in West Bengal Rajyo Sangeet Academy, winner of several competitions)

I have been under the tutelage of Sri Ramanuj Dasgupta  for seven years. His rendering voice made me his admirer. Later his depth, knowledge and scientific methods regarding Riyaz have enriched me to cling to a distinct style of singing. His own passion and creativity have made me able to be more passionate and dedicated toward music as a whole. I have been taking talim of Thumri, Dadra, Ghazal, Bhajan, Nazrulgeeti and Bengali Modern Song with him. I hope his disciples, local and overseas, enjoy his profound eminency while taking talim from him. His blessing and good wishes have been the most overwhelming source for me to catch the right path to music. And I pray that it will remain throughout.

I feel extremely lucky to have him as my Guru, Mentor and Pathfinder.



I like singing.I want to be a versatile singer.Having  this dream in my heart, I have been longing for a perfect,expert guide,since mychildhood.I have been learning vocal music in Assam at my home town Jorhat.But i always thought that these are not perfect,not suffecient to fulfil my aim, my dream.This led me to continue my journey in search of a musician,a versatile singer,a perfect music superstar of India under whose guidance and through whose blessings I can have the realisation of my dream.Suddenly through Internet,i found the address of Mr. RAMANUJ DASGUPTA. I made up my mind to set out for kolkata.i reached there and met Ramanuj Sir at his place. Sir is not only a versatile singer,music composer,music director but a man of music,a true devotee to music. In our first meeting I got the feeling that he is the right person,the perfect guide and super talent of music for whom i have been longing for. In fact, i wanted to have such a guidence in my journey of music,through which i can be able to get some extraordinary qualities and special knowledge of music.Now all these i have found in Sir's teaching. In the vast sea of music, I think, human life is too short itself to swim towards the shore, reaching. But from my experience of learning under the guidance of Sir in last few days,I am compelled to trust that such a guide can easily make a learner able to have  the inspiration to gather adquate pearls from the ocean of music.

I am very happy to have the blessings of Sir as my GURU and proud of being the shisya to such a worthy talent of Indian music. With regards Pratyasha Priyadarshini.



Sreemoyee Bhattacharyya young established versatile singe of present generation and who is privileged to born in a family comprised of eminent musicians like Kirtan Samrat Sri Ratneswar Mukherjee, Sri Siddheswar Mukherjee,Sri Manbendra Mukherjee . She is the youngest daughter of Late Nabakumar mukherjee,one of the cousin brothers of Sri Manabendra Mukherjee. Sri Nabakumar was a great musician and a great Tabla mastro.

I know RamanujUncle sincece my birth as a man of immense knowledge of music and spirituality. He possesses a heavenly appearance and a magnetic personality. He is always open to learning and has a lot of research on music, diction and language as well. He always bears a positive vibration and is interestingly updated in technology as well.

I’m lucky to get opportunity to share stage with him in few programs and TV channel. I’m honoured to have him as my Guru and privileged to learn from him not only music but also his spiritual way of looking into life.


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Kakhono mon

Jodi likhi kobita

Alpo kathar galpe phota

Ei raat




Prodeep nibhaye diona

Meghe meghe eki ghano

Jakhon amar bagane




Siya Bina Prabhu Ram Adhure

Tum Jai Base Mohan Mathura

Hath Mein Ek Tara



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Mon Geye Ja Anonde..........

OMKAR ..........

Jakhon Sandhya Teere ..........

Live programme telecasted by Tara Muzik

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Upcoming Album

It gives me immense happiness to present my new album on this auspicious occasion of Durga Puja, after a long time. Album titled 'Aamar ganer jalsha ghore' released by "Ragranjani music and entertainment".

This album showcases my musical journey which began years ago and are filled with fond memories. My very first album of my career was inspired by Tagore songs , so hence the first song in this new album is dedicated to Kavi Guru Rabindranath. The other person who influenced and inspired me in my career is Kavi Nazrul, so in this album I have rendered few songs of this great poet.

I have also compiled songs written and composed by me in various other forms like Modern Bengali songs, Folk, Bhajan and Ghazals. Also I have shared my experiences of this amazing musical journey along with few kind words by eminent artists from the music world.

With all your blessings and best wishes I am presenting this Album for my beloved listeners who have encouraged and requested me to come up with an album for long. So here it is, Hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making "Aamar ganer jalshaghore".

Those who are interested to purchase the album or selected songs go through the link.

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